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The new Microsoft Edge Browser

Sunday, June 28th, 2020

Microsoft is starting to download the new edge as a Microsoft update. I have seen a few issues with the new browser update but that was usually due  to issues with the operating system. The new edge is based on the same code as the chrome browser. You can stop the update although I recommend letting it update. If you used the old edge then answer the setup questions to ensure that the new edge brings over your favorites and other browser information.   However if you don’t like edge or don’t use it you can ignore the new edge just like you did with the old edge. I still recommend fire fox and chrome as the fastest safest browsers right now.

In the event that the installation causes an issue you can restore your machine back to the latest update. I you are not able to this usually means that your system has other issues. We do a free estimate if you need to bring the system in.

Happy computing

Mike the Tech

ISPs are cracking down on illegal downloading

Wednesday, January 8th, 2020

Hello fellow computer users. I’m not sure if any of you out there have procured any digital
material through a file sharing website like pirate bay or other u torrent websites. But if
you have or have been thinking about how cool it is to download movies or music
for free you may want to think again. As several ISPs
are cracking down on that type of internet use. I know several people who have been
contacted by their provider Spectrum and warned about such behavior would not be
tolerated and if it continued your internet service would be shut off. Wow that should
scare anybody enough to stop them from downloading illegally. there are several articles
talking about a 6 step program that the ISPs are going to implement.  I’ll post the link
below for you to check out. So i guess the warnings on programs like popcorn time were
not kidding about using an vpn or you will  be tracked. I have not as of yet tested any vpns
against any isp trackers and have no first hand knowledge
of that subject. I recommend as always  do the right thing and pay for copyrighted material
as downloading illegally is software piracy and is a crime.
Happy Computing to you

Mike the Tech

Issues with Windows 10 versions

Thursday, October 17th, 2019

Greetings fellow computer users…

I wanted to make some of you gamers aware of some possible issues with windows 10
versions and some of your high end games. Several customers were
having performance issues as well as locking up with 1903 build.
I suggest staying with 1809 as long as possible and when you do upgrade to 1903
update your video driver and your Ethernet driver too. Hope this tip helps
someone out there who maybe having these types of issues.
Happy computing
Mike the Tech


Which Browser is Best?

Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Which is the best browser?

Well some of you may not know what a browser is and you know who you are lol. It is the internet application that you are using right now to view this post, but back to the question. What is the best browser or which browser is best? Yes there is more than one browser.  You have internet explorer or the Blue E or better known as IE. That is Microsoft’s original browser and has been around since 1995 with the inception of Windows 95. It has gone through 11 versions and currently being phased out and replaced with windows Edge. The big selling point of IE and Edge is that they came with windows. The next browser on the scene (that is still with us) in Sept 2002 is fire fox witch is an open source browser. Then later still Sept 2008 came Google chrome of course made by Google. There are others but these are the top 3 for ‘most PC users. Each one of these have their good points and bad points. IE usually leads the pack just because it has been around the longest and of course it’s made by Microsoft and it is already on your machine as it comes with windows. “This gives IE and edge an advantage over chrome and fire fox. In fact most people are not even aware of what browser they are using. This is another reason that Google is trying to get you to down load Chrome on occasion. When you down load adobe flash player it may download other programs like chrome by default. Be careful searching for and or downloading chrome or fire fox. I will post the safe links below in this post. Some websites prefer a particular browser. If you are a student check with you school to determent which one they prefer. They all basically do the same thing but there are small differences and control locations. The look and feel of the browser is very important to your internet experience. Security is also something to be considered. Always make sure your browser is updated to the latest version. Most face book games seem to prefer chrome. I myself like fire fox as it is an open source browser. I like the speed and that it is not connected to a company like Microsoft and Google who seem like they are very interested in my browsing habits. However the chrome browser, gmail, Google account services, Google search engine are very fast and convenient a winning combination. Which one is the fastest? That depends on who you ask. Which is the best? It all boils down to personal preference and your internet activities.
Chrome and fire fox and IE are easy to reset whereas edge is not as easy to manage, reset and or maintain. If you are a Microsoft IE user then you will want to check out Edge. Each browser can be setup or customized with themes, search engine, home page and control options. Check them all out and let me know what you think and as always have some fun with it!.
Happy Browsing
Mike the Tech

Are Used Laptops Really a Bargain?

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Are Used Laptops Really a Bargain?

That sounds like a loaded question. However I’ will attempt to give you enough
insight into this topic that you should be able to make a wise choice.
A while back on they addressed this condition but did not go into
much detail. I agree that the most important thing on buying a used laptop is the
trust you have in who you are purchasing the machine from. We sell used laptops and we completely refurbished them before they are sold. We stand behind our used laptops as well. Without a reputable dealer the 30 feet 30 second warranty usually comes into play and that deal you just made can cost you more after you find out it needs works or something goes wrong and you end up having to buy a new one after all. A big concern should be what Operating system do you want? If you want the latest windows 10 then do not bother buying a used machine. Go right to retailer and buy a brand new unit. However if you are like about half of the country right now, you don’t like or want windows 10 and were and still are very happy with windows 7. Nothing wrong with that, I like windows 7 myself. It’s fast, easy to navigate no pesky tiles or bizarre menus to learn about stuff I already know and love about the OS. So this is a very good reason to buy a good used system from a reputable dealer. You get a good reliable used laptop at a reduced price with the OS that you know and love. Make sure that you have decent hardware specs on your used unit. As always the cpu is very important. Amd or intel mimuim dual core for the cpu or better. Memory 4 gig or more, 250 gig or bigger hard drive. Select the screen size you prefer. The Larger 17 inch screens are nice but the unit tends to be heaver.
Another advantage on a used laptop is that come with a dvdrw drive while some newer laptops have no dvdrw at all. Hope this gives you a little bit of insight on buying a used
laptop. I must issue a warning about some of these so called incredible deals for a brand new laptops for next to nothing. Be aware that most of these are little more that glorified tablets with very small hard drives and rely on cloud storage. Please feel free to call us or stop by we would be glad to advise you.
Take care

Are Desktops Dead?

Sunday, July 30th, 2017

Are desktops dead?
I have lots of clients who come into our shop and see several desktops in for service. Their comments are something like do they still make those? Why do some people still have that type of computer? I still have a desktop. Why?
With all the other much cooler devices why have a desktop? If you just do email and play on face book anything will do for you. A tablet, laptop even your phone will be fine for you and it offers portability. Something a desktop is not designed to do. For those of us who work on a desk a DESKTOP is more suited for speed and power and hey how about that 32 inch widescreen awesome. Desktops are also great for heavy graphic games, downloading videos, and multimedia applications. Desktops are easier to upgrade, easier to repair, and usually cheaper depending on the configuration. Don’t get me wrong I love laptops and I have a nice one but If push came to shove and I only had one it would be a desktop. However everyone’s needs are different. Feel free to call or stop I would be glad to assist you in making the right choice for you.
happy Computing

To upgrade or not upgrade that is the question

Sunday, July 30th, 2017

 Well its not original but it is a famous quote and it is a 
important aspect to consider weather you have a desktop or laptop.
I'm specifically talking about one of the if not the most important
upgrades that will impact the performance and ultimately your computer
experience. After all everyone wants a fast computer right? 
Well the upgrade I am talking about is a SSD
which is Solid state drive. The SSD has no moving parts 
and is much faster than the original mechanical hard drive 
that you computer came with. Up until recently the SSD 
were small and very expensive. How ever the price and the size 
now make them something to consider. It makes a huge
difference as I upgraded both my I5 Toshiba laptop and my
AMD Quad core desktop both now run unbelievably fast. Of course the 
size is smaller as 250 gb but I'll trade size for speed.
So if you want to breath life into a laptop or desktop
upgrading to an SSD is now a viable option you should consider. 
Come by our Shop for  free estimate and free data transfer. 

Happy Computing

News about Microsoft Operating Systems

Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

If you’re still using Windows Vista, then you’ll want to upgrade soon or face a complete lack of technical support from Microsoft.
April 11, 2017 ended Microsoft support for Windows Vista. That follows fully five years after the OS hit its end-of-maintenance support date of April 10, 2012, and roughly 10 years since Microsoft first released Windows Vista to a litany of complaints and its eventual replacement by the much well-received Windows 7.
What this means is that Windows Vista will no longer receive any kind of update, including new security updates, non-security hotfixes, or free or paid support. Microsoft will also no longer provide any online technical content updates. In other words, if you’re intent on continuing to use Windows Vista — and there aren’t many of you who remain committed to one of the company’s least popular operating systems then you’re completely on your own.
However Its been our experience that if your computer is running Vista it may be possible to upgrade to windows 7. We do not recommend upgrading a Vista machine to windows 10 as there is too big of a gap in hardware and you’re likely to have major issues. Bring your system in for a free evaluation and find out for sure what’s the best thing to do for your machine. If you are seeking windows 10, then it would be best to buy a new machine and retire your old system. If you have data on your old unit we will transfer your old data to your new machine for you, same day turn around.

Windows 10 Fall Creators update-

Saturday, July 1st, 2017

Windows 10 Fall Creators update-
June 24, 2017
It has been almost two years since Microsoft first introduced the Windows 10 operating system. The opinions on Microsoft’s latest operating system are still mixed, but Windows 10 is here to stay so it would be wise to try to get used to it. There have been several large updates to this operating system since it was first introduced in July of 2015. The first large update was released in 2016. This update was known as the anniversary update. There were various problems but most of them were fixed in a reasonable amount of time. In 2017 we have seen the creators update. Once again this is a large update that takes a long time to install and update your operating system. Be patient and do not turn off your computer during the update. You should check and make sure your video, wireless and ethernet drivers are up to date. This will help avoid some issues with these large types of operating system updates.

Microsoft has announced their newest Windows 10 update will be released in September of 2017. Once again this is a very large update so take precautions and update your drivers. Be aware that this update will take a long time so try to install it when you do not plan on using your computer for a while. Once the update starts do not turn the computer off. This will help to make this a smooth update.

We hear this update is chock full of new features. We will keep you posted as we learn more.

Happy Computing!!!

Windows 10 to upgrade or not to upgrade

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

Windows 10 to upgrade or not to upgrade that is the question.

With all the hype and subconscious push to upgrade
and lets face its free ! so its got to be good right? Not really and I’ll tell you why. Most people
already have an issue with their existing OS and computer and like all the upgrade propaganda, believe that upgrading will fix their problems and oh yea its free so what could go wrong? With most slow and bloated existing computers windows 10 just cannot handle the mess it was asked to on a lot of systems with existing software issues. I have to hand it to them this time they prepared for problems but that doesn’t instill confidence in their new product. I upgraded several computers after I had installed a fresh windows 7 . The upgrade worked very well with no issues. I myself am not impressed with a
new concept that relocates all the same controls and functions and features so you can’t find them it takes more time and is less productive to relearn where the same things that I used that are in a different location much less convenient. Does anybody at Microsoft know that most of the world just wants simple fast easy reliable
software that was written with the user in mind not the programming geeks to show off what they can do? After all no matter how you slice it all the OS is is a glorified Menu system for most users to run applications and that’s it. Why do you think android and Mac are so popular? Most of us just want to run the applications that we have as fast and easy as possible. If they would quite trying to reinvent the wheel and make the wheel they have win 7, which by the way I recommend staying with and not upgrading and later in this article will tell you more horror stories about actual upgrade issues. Windows 10 that comes with a new computer is as always better than the upgrade. So bottom line if you have seven and its working well keep it don’t upgrade.  If your machine is older and it has issues it may make sense to fix it and stay with seven or may be better to just buy a new machine with Windows 10 already on it. More to come as I get time .

Mike the Tech