Dear Mike and Linda,
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did on diagnosing and repairing my computer. For other people reading this, let me just say that it is almost impossible to find a reputable computer repair shop. I’ve been in this area for thirty + years having moved here from Pinellas County where I grew up and I wish I had found them sooner. I have been ripped off more than once which is why I started learning about computers myself. I learned just enough to really mess them up LOL. Recently I had a an occasion to install a new hard drive and video card. And like so many times before, once I got her back together, she wouldn’t even power up. SOP for me it seems. I tried several things as I didn’t think I could afford to have a professional look at it. I finally gave in and started doing a little research. What I discovered is Spring Hill Tech. They’ve been in the area for twenty years and rightfully take pride in the philosophy that instead of throwing it out, have it fixed. They handle many business machines with the thought that these people need their machines back ASAP. Mike took my machine in with the promise that I would have an estimate within a couple of hours and gave me a best/worst case scenario. I was pleasantly surprised when he called me by the end of the day to tell me he had found the problem and that it was a simple fix. It was priced at the lowest price point and ready the next day. He even installed my preferred operating system and a few other programs to help me maintain my machine. What he gave me back was a plug & play turn key machine. I hooked her up and was reconnected with the outside world in no time. Keep in mind I gave him a blank slate with absolutely nothing program wise on it. They more than lived up to their word. I got it back under budget and under the time promised. I couldn’t be happier and wished I had found them years ago. Save yourself a headache and check them out. They are extremely friendly and courteous.

Thank you and God Bless, sincerely, Paul M. Sisolak Jr.

First, Mike and Linda are the nicest people, I’ve been going here for at least 6 years whenever my computer has gone on the fritz. Even just to go in and answer a question about the computer, they’ll do that no problem. I never had an issue after my computer was fixed, it was good to go. I would never think of going anywhere else for repairs unless I was out of the State and couldn’t wait, thank you Mike and Linda for your great work! Jan A.

We want to thank you for the excellent outcome on repairing our laptop.  We appreciate your honesty, fair pricing and expertise.  The outcome of the repair was way beyond our expectations.
Thank you,
Sterling and Irma H.


I am a medical transcriptionist and I cannot afford to be without my computer which is why I go to Spring Hill Tech for all my computer needs.  They are conveniently located with fast turnaround time, reliable, dependable service and no hassles.  I recommend Spring Hill Tech to all my friends and co-workers.  I would never need to go anywhere else.
Lou  Ann

    Just a note to let you know, your patience with me and my new computer was outstanding.  I appreciated all the time and effort you gave to me,  both in my home, and at your office..  I did not know what I was doing and ended up with a new understanding of the computer.  One of the most important things that I got out of your help and instruction was a great friendship,
Thank you

Sal Buonocore,
East Syracuse,    New York  13057

Hi Mike

 Just want to thank you personally for the great service, and the time you took with me to explain technical problems I would have never understood without you simple explanations and examples to make things understandable to me.  The one thing I most appreciated was your honesty as to the type of repairs I actual needed and tech equipment I should purchase instead of the upgrades by others in you field, after you explanations I tried what you suggested at one of the biggest computer providers, and was meet by the so called store  “EXPERT” , and after asking for what you suggested I purchase, he immediately tried to up sell me to something else and when I explained that did not makes sense to me he went on to tell me a bunch of info, till I realized he had no idea what he was talking about, but did know all the buss words, which before your explanation use to baffle me, he was a computer major of some sort but knew not what he was talking about, had I listed to him before visiting with you I would have bought as usual the wrong equipment and it would not have solved any of the problems,  I learned a valuable lesson that day, and it was that I am not stupid and if somebody explains something and I cannot still understand, they probably do not know what the heck they are talking about, you have me as a customer for life and once again thanks to you and Lynda for you great service and honesty


Alfred J. Braun
AJ Braun  & Associates Inc

DNE Services, Inc.

We have been customers of Spring Hill Tech for many years.  Several of our neighbors have used their services as well.    The computer services and/or network and system repair services have been outstanding.   Their promptness and reliability are excellent.   We would recommend them to anyone in need of computer installation services or computer repair services.



Dennis and Maryjo Elder

Spring Hill Tech have been our personal computer technicians over the last several years since we been in Spring Hill.   They are reliable, on time for appointments, and their computer services are consistently up to date.  We can recommend their services to everyone.





Have known the fine young man for 3 or 4 years. He is honest and does wonders with my computer problems. Will help at home as well as at his business.
Shirley J. Gaddis of Spring Hill, Flordia



Hi, Mike !

Thank you so much for fixing my computer, twice in as many days, thanks to my teenager ! I can always count on  Spring Hill Tech to be prompt and efficient and just good people to deal with !!

See you again as soon as my teen goofs up the computer – AGAIN 🙂

Chris Duval

“I run a small home-based business dealing with the legal profession.  When my computer does not function, I basically lose clients and business.  Being successful is no accident with Spring Hill Technology.  My satisfaction was TOP priority with Michael, not to mention his speedy responses to my every need.   His technical abilities and expertise outweighs any computer company I have ever know.  I would certainly recommend Michael to everyone who needs assistance with their computers.  Thanks again for everything!”

Barbara A. Latwinas
B.A.L. Reporting, Inc.
Spring Hill, FL


Jerry Mirabella

Henderson Street

Spring Hill, Fl 34608


My name is Jerry Mirabella, and want to thank Mr. Mike Schwarz and his staff for providing me and Spring Hill Fl with excellence, honesty, experience and such a friendly place to bring in your PCs and laptops for repair. I have lived here in Spring Hill for over 5 years now and have always went to Springhill Tech for all my computer needs. I wouldn’t ever think of going anywhere else because Mr. Schwartz is the brightest, best, most honest businessman I have ever met. He is just an unbelievable man and goes way out of his way to help his customers and his prices are so very reasonable. You deal with Mr. Schwartz and staff and you are pretty much dealing with family. His experience is unreal and just the fact that in todays times there is still a man that will give you free advice if he can is unheard of. I always use Springhill Tech, and always will. People shouldn’t even think twice about thier computer needs than to go and speak to Mr. Schwartz. You will get awesome service, experience, good prices and a super honest man who has a lot of integrity.


I recommend Springhilltech to anyone who has PC problems or sales. I know for me I would never think about going anywhere but to Michael Schwartz. Your not only a customer but your a person and you get the same service as a family member because that’s how you feel when you go to Springhilltech.


Thank You Mr. Schwartz and God Bless You

Jerry Mirabella a very happy client!