Windows 10 to upgrade or not to upgrade

Windows 10 to upgrade or not to upgrade that is the question.

With all the hype and subconscious push to upgrade
and lets face its free ! so its got to be good right? Not really and I’ll tell you why. Most people
already have an issue with their existing OS and computer and like all the upgrade propaganda, believe that upgrading will fix their problems and oh yea its free so what could go wrong? With most slow and bloated existing computers windows 10 just cannot handle the mess it was asked to on a lot of systems with existing software issues. I have to hand it to them this time they prepared for problems but that doesn’t instill confidence in their new product. I upgraded several computers after I had installed a fresh windows 7 . The upgrade worked very well with no issues. I myself am not impressed with a
new concept that relocates all the same controls and functions and features so you can’t find them it takes more time and is less productive to relearn where the same things that I used that are in a different location much less convenient. Does anybody at Microsoft know that most of the world just wants simple fast easy reliable
software that was written with the user in mind not the programming geeks to show off what they can do? After all no matter how you slice it all the OS is is a glorified Menu system for most users to run applications and that’s it. Why do you think android and Mac are so popular? Most of us just want to run the applications that we have as fast and easy as possible. If they would quite trying to reinvent the wheel and make the wheel they have win 7, which by the way I recommend staying with and not upgrading and later in this article will tell you more horror stories about actual upgrade issues. Windows 10 that comes with a new computer is as always better than the upgrade. So bottom line if you have seven and its working well keep it don’t upgrade.  If your machine is older and it has issues it may make sense to fix it and stay with seven or may be better to just buy a new machine with Windows 10 already on it. More to come as I get time .

Mike the Tech


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