Windows 10

Welcome to Microsoft’s Final Operating System (Updates news)

 On April 4th 2019 the upgrade 1903 windows is giving back upgrade control to the user. What this means instead of cramming upgrades every 6 months like it or not with the 1903 build you can postpone upgrades as long as the build is supported by Microsoft. The builds last about 18 months before they are considered not supported and a security risk.  some of the new update features also allow you to pause an update that you are currently downloading. As Time permits we will tackle the next upgrade and that’s 1909. We will address some new features and some settings to help get some more performance out of you machine.

In the Event your system fails, locks up or has any other issue with the downloaded update or the installation of this update stop attempting to fix the issue and bring it in to a trusted computer repair shop. Attempting to repair could result in data loss. However if you are familiar with the recovery environment and have your data backed up or don’t have any data to save then proceed with the menu driven recovery option included with windows 10.

Microsoft is ending support for windows 7  in January 14 2020
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