Which Browser is Best?

Which is the best browser?

Well some of you may not know what a browser is and you know who you are lol. It is the internet application that you are using right now to view this post, but back to the question. What is the best browser or which browser is best? Yes there is more than one browser.  You have internet explorer or the Blue E or better known as IE. That is Microsoft’s original browser and has been around since 1995 with the inception of Windows 95. It has gone through 11 versions and currently being phased out and replaced with windows Edge. The big selling point of IE and Edge is that they came with windows. The next browser on the scene (that is still with us) in Sept 2002 is fire fox witch is an open source browser. Then later still Sept 2008 came Google chrome of course made by Google. There are others but these are the top 3 for ‘most PC users. Each one of these have their good points and bad points. IE usually leads the pack just because it has been around the longest and of course it’s made by Microsoft and it is already on your machine as it comes with windows. “This gives IE and edge an advantage over chrome and fire fox. In fact most people are not even aware of what browser they are using. This is another reason that Google is trying to get you to down load Chrome on occasion. When you down load adobe flash player it may download other programs like chrome by default. Be careful searching for and or downloading chrome or fire fox. I will post the safe links below in this post. Some websites prefer a particular browser. If you are a student check with you school to determent which one they prefer. They all basically do the same thing but there are small differences and control locations. The look and feel of the browser is very important to your internet experience. Security is also something to be considered. Always make sure your browser is updated to the latest version. Most face book games seem to prefer chrome. I myself like fire fox as it is an open source browser. I like the speed and that it is not connected to a company like Microsoft and Google who seem like they are very interested in my browsing habits. However the chrome browser, gmail, Google account services, Google search engine are very fast and convenient a winning combination. Which one is the fastest? That depends on who you ask. Which is the best? It all boils down to personal preference and your internet activities.
Chrome and fire fox and IE are easy to reset whereas edge is not as easy to manage, reset and or maintain. If you are a Microsoft IE user then you will want to check out Edge. Each browser can be setup or customized with themes, search engine, home page and control options. Check them all out and let me know what you think and as always have some fun with it!.
Happy Browsing
Mike the Tech

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