Laptop Repairs

Here at Spring Hill Tech we work on all types of laptops and netbooks.  In today’s mobile world laptops are everywhere.  While most homes may have a family computer, just about everyone has a laptop.  Most laptops get heavy use.  While laptops are a great computing device there are several parts that tend to break with heavy usage or misuse. As with desktops our master troubleshooter will accurately pinpoint the problem and give you a FREE estimate for your laptop repair.Spring Hill Tech fixes all kinds of laptop problems:
LCD screens replaced Hard Drive Replacement
Keyboards replaced Laptop repair Motherboard Replacement
Back Covers replaced Laptop repair Memory Upgrade
Hinges replaced Laptop repair CDROM Drives replaced
laptop repair Touch pads replaced Laptop Repair DJ jacks replaced
Laptop Repair We clean internal fans

We also repair hard to fix problems.  If you think it is beyond hope.  Think Again!  Our master troubleshooter just might be able to track down the problem and get your computer back on track.  So before you throw it away come see us. We can perform a symptomatic diagnosis on the phone, so call us today. We will work with you to determine whats the best decision for you. We have used laptops available in the event your machine is not cost effective to repair. We will even transfer your data for free with the purchase of a used laptop. That’s a $40.00 value to our valued customers.