To upgrade or not upgrade that is the question

 Well its not original but it is a famous quote and it is a 
important aspect to consider weather you have a desktop or laptop.
I'm specifically talking about one of the if not the most important
upgrades that will impact the performance and ultimately your computer
experience. After all everyone wants a fast computer right? 
Well the upgrade I am talking about is a SSD
which is Solid state drive. The SSD has no moving parts 
and is much faster than the original mechanical hard drive 
that you computer came with. Up until recently the SSD 
were small and very expensive. How ever the price and the size 
now make them something to consider. It makes a huge
difference as I upgraded both my I5 Toshiba laptop and my
AMD Quad core desktop both now run unbelievably fast. Of course the 
size is smaller as 250 gb but I'll trade size for speed.
So if you want to breath life into a laptop or desktop
upgrading to an SSD is now a viable option you should consider. 
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Happy Computing

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