ISPs are cracking down on illegal downloading

Hello fellow computer users. I’m not sure if any of you out there have procured any digital
material through a file sharing website like pirate bay or other u torrent websites. But if
you have or have been thinking about how cool it is to download movies or music
for free you may want to think again. As several ISPs
are cracking down on that type of internet use. I know several people who have been
contacted by their provider Spectrum and warned about such behavior would not be
tolerated and if it continued your internet service would be shut off. Wow that should
scare anybody enough to stop them from downloading illegally. there are several articles
talking about a 6 step program that the ISPs are going to implement.  I’ll post the link
below for you to check out. So i guess the warnings on programs like popcorn time were
not kidding about using an vpn or you will  be tracked. I have not as of yet tested any vpns
against any isp trackers and have no first hand knowledge
of that subject. I recommend as always  do the right thing and pay for copyrighted material
as downloading illegally is software piracy and is a crime.
Happy Computing to you

Mike the Tech

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