For 2 1/2 years the public and Microsoft has been dealing with Windows 8.  The new Metro interface is so foreign to the average user Microsoft eventually released Windows 8.1 to fix some of the most upsetting features.  Windows 8.1 now as a pseudo start button and a few other changes.  Even with the improvements users still have not really warmed up to Windows 8.1.   Microsoft now has a new operating system in the works, most likely to be named Windows 9. So what will Windows 9 be like?  Most likely it will will similar to Windows 8.1 with some added features.  There are rumors that Windows 9 may include a more traditional start menu.  Microsoft may introduce gesture recognition, but the ultimate goal is cross platform compatibility.   Mobile phones and tablets are everywhere, so to keep up with the industry and get in the mobile phone game Microsoft had to do something drastic.  What they did was release Windows 8 with a totally new type of  interface known as  Metro. Then they acquired Nokia and released a cell phone with a platform that is compatible with other Windows devices.  Hopefully the new windows operating system will fix a lot of  the bugs windows 8 had.  But get used to the metro interface because it is most likely here to stay. When will the new operating system be released?  Rumor has it that the new windows operating system has a tentative release date of April 2015.  I hope you found this helpful.

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