Windows 10 Is Coming July 29th


 If you have a Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 operating system, you may have noticed a new icon in the system tray of your computer.  Yes it is true Microsoft is allowing users with the above mentioned operating systems to download and upgrade your current operating system to the new Windows 10.

Is this a real update?  Yes it is.  Microsoft is trying  hard to get  Windows 7 users to give up on the operating system they are comfortable with and move up to Windows 10, also Windows 8 was not well received by the public and 8.1 was not much better so Microsoft developed Windows 10.  They are hoping by combining some of the familiar features of Windows 7 and the new features of Windows 8 users will find Windows 10 easy to use.

What should you do?  If you are happy with the operating system you have you do not have to do anything.  If you think you might like to try the new Windows 10 you can reserve your download which will not be available until July 29th.    Once the download is available you have time to decide if you want to install it.  For right now you can reserve your download by clicking on the Windows 10 icon located in your system tray.  Follow the instructions and that’s it for now.  

Rumor has it that the free upgrade may not actually be available to everyone.  It is still too early too tell.

We will bring you more information soon.  Happy Computing