Windows 10

Welcome to Microsoft’s Final Operating System

Say What?? Windows 10 was officially released July 2015. Since then there have been several updates. The new concept of Windows 10 is that it is a service and it keeps getting better through periodic updates. The automatic updates are turned on as a default and your PC always has the latest and best features. This all sounds good but as always there is a downside. If you have an issue with an update there are lots of options and ways to recover, uninstall the update and or refresh your OS (Operating System) as Windows 10 like windows 8 has an extensive recovery environment. There are updates that fix or patch the OS due to security issues. But there are updates that are OS changing or upgrading major features
which changes the way the OS works and or features as well.

In the Event your system fails, locks up or has any other issue with the downloaded update or the installation of this update stop attempting to fix the issue and bring it in to a trusted computer repair shop. Attempting to repair could result in data loss. However if you are familiar with the recovery environment and have your data backed up or don’t have any data to save then proceed with the menu driven recovery option included with windows 10.

Windows 10 fall creative update coming in September 2017
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